A Make in India Brand with the Best Kids’ Furniture

Arcedokids.com is currently the leading online store that sells kids’ furniture. The company is based in India and is creating a milestone by manufacturing quality products for kids. The vision of their work is to bring the greatest smile to your kid’s face. They acknowledge the fact that parents do have a tinge of anxiety and fear when it comes to serving the best amenities to their children. Hence this brand takes care of the minutest detail of whatever products they are manufacturing. Their vision and quality make them unique among all the other similar brands in India. Arcedo Kids

Why do we call it the best?

When we call Arcedo Kids to be the best brand for kids’ furniture, we take full accountability for the given statement. We can show you the uniqueness of this brand with too many examples. The brand is set out to serve modern parents who have busy lives and need the perfect set of furniture for their kids. They make sure that the children get the best facilities and comfort when using their furniture. They never use any materials which are harmful to the kids and not skin friendly. Baby-proofing furniture is the best thing that they offer. All the products are completely non-toxic and skin-friendly. 

Moreover, this brand is also very much responsible and does its duty towards the environment. All the materials used for their products are 100% eco-friendly and sustainable. Not only the materials but the method of manufacturing also does not cause any harm to the environment. All the products of this brand are mostly adjustable and fixable which ensures that the customers do not go through any hassle with the furniture. The products also undergo the smart and drop test after packaging. 

Let’s get into some more details about Arcedo Kids and what makes them so unique among all the other similar brands.


A Make in India Brand with the Best Kids’ Furniture

1. Providing employment

As we have mentioned before, this company meets its duties for the environment and people are no exception. In recent times we can see too many startups around us but this company has already provided employment to more than 60 unemployed people. They aim to expand their team and recruit more people in the future. If you ask any of the employees about the work culture, they will only say good things about the company. The work environment within the company is inclusive and empathetic. 

2. Promising customer service

Arcedo ensures that the customers get the best of services. They have a dedicated team of customer services which is very much active and can help you to get out of any glitch within moments. The aim of this company is to make a happy and satisfied customer base so it’s their duty to serve them properly. The worker team is extremely humble and available at any hour. 


3. Pan India supply of products

The supply of products is not confined to any particular region. This company offers pan-India delivery. You can order from anywhere in India and get all the facilities. We have already mentioned that the products undergo smart and drop test packaging, so you need not worry about the condition of the product. They are handled properly with all safety measures. 

4. Premium and authentic quality products

Each and every product that Arcedo manufactures is of premium quality and made up of authentic material. As mentioned earlier, they do not use any harmful material. All the materials used are safe for your child. Apart from that, the materials are also safe for the environment. Most of the brands use synthetic material that causes harm to your child’s skin but if you’re going for Arcedo products, you won’t have to worry about any of these things. 

To sum it up…

To all modern parents, you must consider Arcedokids.com when looking for the perfect furniture for your children. This brand comes up with all unique designs with absolutely haram-free materials. They stand out among all the other similar brands in India because of their dedicated service and quality products. The vision of this company is to serve the customers with the best products and services. Their customer care team is super-dedicated and very promptly responds to all your queries.