About Us

When we talk about life achievements, the greatest of all is the smile of your child, the day when he takes his first step, the day when she calls your name, and the list is endless filled with all those precious and priceless moments to be treasured forever.
The gleam of pride which we feel as a parent is an incredulous feeling which is better left undescribed also brings the tinge of anxiety and fear to serve the best amenities in your child’s platter. To create the magnum opus arena for your child’s future is what every parent aspires of and no stone is left unturned for the same. The minutest detail also goes under consideration with the arrival of our bundle of joy from dawn to dusk, from clothes to toys, meals to sippers and from beds to desks.
Stylish children's bedroom ideas

Yes, you read that right: from beds to desks!! This has always been our most coveted dream of childhood to own a castle of our own wonderland and the same will be aspired by your child too. And here comes ARCEDO (Silas Kids Products Private Limited) to your rescue with our handcraft ted range of furniture especially designed for that dream castle straight from Disney land into your child’s bedroom. Store your kid’s clothes in Rapunzel tower, curate his scholastic knowledge of books in the glitz of solitaire range of desks, and let her color the wings of dreams in the solace of wonderland beds and cradles.

Scroll right through our exquisite range of hand crafted furniture products which defy all your worries. The furniture range deals with non toxic materials safe for kids, scratch resistant products for all the mischief, water resistant for the spills on hills and rounded corners for the climbing apogee!!

Jodhpur Handicraft

Jodhpur founded by Rao Jodha is situated in the lap of Thar Desert in North western region of Rajasthan. It is proudly known as “Sun City” due to its sunny weather almost throughout the year. Jodhpur handicraft is renowned name in both national & international grounds which boasts off its heritage & culture.

Thousands of artisans find employment opportunities in this industry, keeping the ancient art of royal culture alive. Jodhpur handicraft covers various areas such as leather work, tie & die cloth work, jewellery art and many more but it is primarily known for its wood crafting. The sunny weather lasts straight for 10 months is favorable for dying the wood which one of the major aspect of wood work. The regal culture has earned the magnate position and Arcedo (Silas Kids Products Private Limited) will also try to add more feathers in the hat.

Founder’s Story

It all started on the day our lives were rejuvenated with the arrival of my Daughter Jeenal. She is the apple of our eyes and her smile was all that we needed to forget all our tensions. Amidst the hustle bustle of giving and doing best for her my wife and I came across a very common issue which I am sure is faced by all parents and that is FURNITURE. There are so many websites which offer to buy varied range of furniture products online. However, there are hardly any websites which are devoted to furniture for toddlers which made me work upon the idea of ARCEDO (Silas Kids Products Private Limited) . Being a father of my beautiful daughter all I want is best for her and the same emotion is reflected in the craftsmanship of ARCEDO (Silas Kids Products Private Limited).