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Empowering Dealers with Exclusive Benefits

Arcedo is committed to providing sustainable and stylish furniture solutions, offering a combination of Indian craftsmanship, eco-friendly practices, and customer-centric design. With their focus on non-toxic materials, sustainable manufacturing, lightweight designs, and customization options, Arcedo aims to transform the furniture industry by setting new standards for ethical and environmentally conscious practices.

Redefining Furniture with Sustainability

Made in India: Arcedo is a proud Indian furniture brand, supporting local craftsmanship and promoting the "Make in India" initiative. Each piece of furniture is designed and manufactured within the country, ensuring high-quality standards.
Sustainable Design and Manufacturing: At Arcedo, sustainability is at the core of their values. They believe in responsible manufacturing practices and incorporate eco-friendly materials, such as responsibly sourced wood and recycled materials, in their furniture production. By minimizing waste and reducing carbon footprint, Arcedo strives to contribute to a greener future.
Non-Toxic Materials: Arcedo prioritizes the health and well-being of its customers by using non-toxic materials in its furniture production. By avoiding harmful chemicals and substances, they create a safe environment for both users and the planet.
Lightweight Solutions: Arcedo understands the need for flexible and adaptable furniture in modern living spaces. Their lightweight designs make it easy to rearrange and move furniture effortlessly, allowing customers to create versatile and dynamic environments.
Versatile and Functional: Arcedo's furniture is designed with both style and functionality in mind. They offer a range of versatile pieces that can seamlessly fit into various interior styles and cater to different needs. Whether it's compact furniture for urban apartments or multifunctional pieces for small spaces, Arcedo provides solutions for every lifestyle.
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Empowering Dealers with Exclusive Benefits

Arcedo is dedicated to creating a mutually beneficial relationship with its dealers. By offering guaranteed good margins, assured profitability, no minimum order requirements, prompt service, on-time delivery, and quality support, Arcedo empowers dealers to thrive in the furniture market while providing exceptional value to their customers.

Elevating Dealers with Comprehensive Marketing Support

Arcedo goes beyond just providing furniture; we are committed to your overall success as a dealer. By offering comprehensive marketing support, including constant social media promotion, Instagram advertising, offline store promotion, and targeted marketing to local customers, Arcedo empowers you to effectively reach and engage with your target audience, driving business growth and establishing a strong brand presence in your local market.
Instagram Advertising: Leveraging the popularity and reach of Instagram, Arcedo takes your store's marketing efforts to the next level. Through targeted and impactful advertising campaigns,we will help boost your brand visibility, attract new customers, and drive traffic to your store.
Constant Social Media Support: Arcedo understands the power of social media in today's digital landscape. As a dealer, you can count on Arcedo's unwavering support on various social media platforms. We will actively promote your stores, showcasing your unique offerings and engaging with potential customers to drive brand awareness and increase footfall.
Offline Store Promotion: Arcedo recognizes the significance of offline promotion in capturing the attention of local customers. We proactively engage in offline store promotion activities, utilizing tactics such as local events, collaborations, and strategic partnerships to create a buzz around your store and generate increased footfall.
Targeted Marketing to Local Customers: Arcedo understands the importance of catering to the preferences and needs of your local customer base. With the in-depth market knowledge and expertise, we will assist you in developing targeted marketing strategies tailored specifically to the local audience, ensuring maximum impact and resonance with potential customers.